Erez Dessel (USA 1998)
   is               an improvising
                                            pianist    and           composer.

    After graduating from the New England Conservatory in Boston in 2020, Dessel moved to Savannah, GA, where he served as music director at the Savannah Music Festival Jazz Academy, Savannah’s first free after-school youth jazz program. He also kept up an active performing career in the southeast, including presenting an hour-long improvised work for piano, pastel, and paper at the Savannah Cultural Arts Center. He moved to Chicago in 2022, and has worked continuously both as a performer and organizer, recording in an array of contexts with many internationally renowned musicians (including Ken Vandermark, Tim Daisy, Dustin Laurenzi, Maria Elena Silva, and Seajun Kwon). 
                                    His          current

        includes the bands Edition Redux, Walking Cliche Sextet, and the Thwartet, Maria Elena Silva; duos with Scott Taylor and Tyler Wagner; and work as a solo performer.  Dessel created and curates the Night School series at Agitator gallery, which presents video artists and improvising musicians in a spontaneous performance context.  Dessel has toured nationally and internationally, including performances in Europe and Korea, and his concerts and recordings have received critical acclaim.


for booking, collaborations, lessons, or other inquiries, please email
erezjd [at] gmail [dot] com